Introduction AV Personal Solutions - PS4YOU


My name is Ageeth Verweij. I’m married to Ed and we have two sons.

I have more than twenty years professional work experience at a well-known multinational company. There I had extensive exposure to all facets of business life. Problem analysis. Taking decisive action. Communicating well and clearly to all stakeholders. Understanding the customers core needs.

Due to the international character of my job, I often came in contact with people from other cultures, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I could easily relate. I noticed that for many of the newcomers (expatriates), it wasn’t easy to make arrangements for the everyday practicalities. Because I worked many years in Human Resource Management among others as Local Service Advisor, I am experienced in handling personal information with complete discretion.

I have interests in fashion, interior design, gardening, and I am very familiar with having to manage a busy family life. All in all, the decision to start my own business in Personal Solutions, was for me the next logical step.

I am confident that I can offer services that meet your requirements, and that are tailored to fit your personal situation.


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