PS4YOU - Expat, Relocation & Home Management Service & Assistance

Relocation & Expat Service

Relocation and Expat Support is the service to help you before, during and after your move. Specific regions we work in are Rotterdam-Rijnmond and The Hague. If you have a practical or personal question, we are here for you. To ensure that you feel comfortable in your new home and living environment. The following outlines a few examples of the services we provide:

  • Advice and help with immigration (municipal registration, BSN number, residence permit, car import).
  • Helping with finding a house, advice and help in establishing your new living quarters or home.
  • Locating and managing tradesmen, such as carpenters, plumbers or gardeners.
  • Help with correspondence (letters to public or private service companies, moving announcements, etc.).
  • Finding appropriate schools, day-care centre’s or sport clubs.
  • Arrangements for Telephone, TV and internet connections.
  • Finding the appropriate dentist and family doctor.
  • Showing you around the city or region by way of a guided walk or bike tour.

Home Management Service

With Home Management Service we are in essence the custodian of your house. The intention is to make you feel comfortable with the knowledge that your home is in safe hands while you are abroad, for example, on a world-trip. Or because you work requires you to travel to another province or country and you’re not inclined to rent your house out. The advantage here is that you have all the flexibility to come home whenever you choose. We operate in the regions Rotterdam-Rijnmond and The Hague.

Services include:

  • Visit to your home following the agreed planning to check if everything is in order, the post will be sorted and if applicable, we will provide care to any plants in the house.
  • Emergency services; you can leave our telephone number with the neighbours or friends so that they can call us should there be any emergencies and we can act accordingly.
  • Optional: Food shopping service so you will even come home to a stocked up fridge.
  • If desired, we can make arrangements for garden maintenance and house repairs.

Personal Service & Assistance

We are your support and anchor in various fields. The following provides you an overview of what’s incorporated in this service:

  • Organizing (children’s) parties; advice and help with reservations.
  • Making arrangements for weekends away or extended holidays; suggestions and help with bookings.
  • Shopping; if you don’t have the time to shop yourself, or if you’d like to have someone keep you company while you shop, or if you’re looking for fashion- or interior design- advice, or if you’re simply looking for the right place to shop.


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