Rates Relocation, Expat, Home Management and Personal Service & Assistance

“Out of office” service:

For all orders that cannot be done by telephone, e-mail or from the office.

Hourly rate: € 70,=
This rate includes transport costs, but excludes all other (possible) costs, e.g. parking costs. Calculation is based on time units of 30 minutes.

Office Service (Service Desk Support):

The following services relate specifically to the help and support that can be provided digital or by telephone only.

Hourly rate: € 60,=
Calculation is based on time units of 15 minutes.


If you wish to have the guarantee of a longer term service, we offer you a subscription for one, three or six months period. Obviously the costs are lower than the standard hourly rate. When you opt for a subscription, we offer you a free personal introduction.

We are happy to send you an overview of the possible subscriptions and their rates .

Home Management rates:

Standard home check service (including emergency service);

  • Home check: € 70,=
  • In case more visits are needed, we will discuss a fixed price, also a subscription is an option.

Grocery service: € 40,=
Costs for the Groceries will be invoiced separately (according the Supermarket’s invoice).

Terms of conditions

  • All rates are excluding VAT (this is determined by the local tax rate of 21% that every enterpriser has to calculate for the customer and has to handover to the Dutch Government).
  • Payment within 14 days after date of invoice.
  • In the event that arrangements cannot be made by phone or by digital means, we will be pleased to contact you to discuss a mutually agreeable solution.
  • The general conditions of AV Personal Solutions are applicable for the delivery of all services.


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